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Grow your own chilli peppers, from our huge range of chilli pepper seeds, from the mild chillies, to the worlds hottest commercially available ghost chilli. The worlds hottest peppers, Carolina Reaper seeds, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Trinidad 7 Pot Brain Strain chillil seeds, Bhut Jolokia or ghost chilli, Naga King Chilli, Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad 7 pot seeds. Trinidad Congo Yellow, Trinidad Congo Black, Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet. Habanero Black, Facing Heaven, Devils Tongue and Indian chillies. Over 200 hot chilli pepper varieties to grow from seed, plus over 900 varieties of vegetable seeds. Companion planting to prevent garden pests attacking crops of vegetables is recommended, wide range of herb seeds for culinary, medicinal and companion planting.

Chilli seeds germination is easy as long as you follow a few simple rules and germinate in a heated propagator thermostat controlled. Sow January to late April. Sow chilli pepper seeds early, as some hot varieties can take 120 plus days from transplanting to fruiting. Temp should be maintained at the indicated temp 25-30 Centigrade seeds will germinate at 25 Centigrade but will take longer 30 Centigrade plus is the preferred temp for the very hot chilli peppers Bhut Jolokia, Brain Strain, Moruga Scorpion, Carolina Reaper seeds Trinidad and Habanero types which can be slow and erratic to emerge, allow up 45 plus days for germination, compost should not be too moist to prevent the seeds from rotting, keep seed & seedlings out of draughts.

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Peppers Chilli Carolina Reaper 10 seeds



Carolina Reaper seeds
Capsicum chinense
One of the World’s Hottest Chillies the Carolina Reaper is also known as HP22b the heat level averages at over 1,500,000 shu. These superhot chillies have bright red gnarled fruits with a stinger tail, and a fruity flavour

Carolina Reaper Chilli Seeds


Trinidad 7 Pot Brain Strain chilli seeds



Trinidad 7 Pot Brain Strain
Capsicum chinense
One of the superhot chillies is the 7 Pot Brain Strain, a hybrid 7 Pot variety from Trinidad, it is similar to the Moruga scorpion in fruit shape, yield and plant habit, pods have a fruitier flavour but not quite as hot. Plants can produce pods of different shapes. Use with Caution 7 Pot Brain Strain is a very hot pepper.



Chilli Seeds 7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain 10 seeds



7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain
Capsicum chinense
Very hot Trinindad Brainstrain chilli, Pods ripen from light green to Brown and have a fruity earthy flavour.


Bhut Jolokia pepper seeds


Ghost chilli
Capsicum chinense. These are the genuine Bhut Jolokia
seeds, the 'Blistering Hot' Indian  Pepper that originates in the area of Assam, India. Tested by the Chile Institute in Mexico the origin of the seed they used was from Assam in India, our source for one of the hottest peppers in the world.
Up to 1,001,304 Scoville Units - Handle with caution.


Chilli Seeds 7 Pot Katie 10 seeds


Chilli Seeds 7 Pot Katie 10 seeds
Capsicum chinense
A Trinidad 7 pot / Naga cross, bred in the UK and coming in at over 1,500,000 SHU. Large pods ripen from green to dark red with a fruity flavour.

Chilli Seeds Padron 20 seeds


Small sweet Spanish heirloom chilli pepper from Galicia, approx 1 in 10 harvested Padron chilli peppers are really hot the remainder have little heat, harvest can start from the green stage. Pimientos de Padron mature from green to red, horn shaped and some get hotter as they mature, but which ones? Excellent for Tapas, stir fries, stuffed, grilled or fried whole in olive oil. They are usually pan fried with a pinch of salt and eaten by holding the stalk. From 1,000 to 12,000+ Scoville


chilli pepper basket of fire chili seeds bred for hanging baskets and containers

Basket of Fire
Capsicum frutescens
A compact leafy semi-trailing hybrid plant, that produces an abundance of fruit over a very long period. Good tolerance to cooler weather, lasting well into the autumn. Fruits mature from deep purple through cream and orange and mature red, giving this plant a unique 'Basket of Fire' look, ideal for hanging baskets or containers. Fruit can be used dried or fresh. heat rating 80000shu days to maturity 90-95days spread 60cm height 30cm.




Scotch Bonnet Chilli peppers

 Chilli pepper seed.